Who is Heka?

My Story

I embarked on my own healing journey approximately 9 years ago, using Amazonian plants and practicing drum meditations. Throughout this deep and long healing process, I significantly improved my physical and emotional health while finding purpose in my life.

This healing experience was profoundly transformative for me. I learned to perceive the invisible world on energetic, physical, and spiritual levels. I also gained knowledge about medicinal plants and developed unconventional healing methods similar to those used by shamans in indigenous cultures worldwide.

After applying energetic and spiritual healing techniques using the shamanic drum and specific plants to my loved ones for several years, and witnessing the positive, sometimes surprising, effects it produced, I decided to offer these treatments to a broader audience.

Since 2023, I have been undergoing training to become a certified alternative therapist by ASCA and a therapeutic masseuse.  I therefore also offer massages alongside physical and energy healing through touch.

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